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we can supply customer with whole farm design ,equipment and steel prefab buildings for poultry and livestock.

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Qingdao Baichen Husbandry CO.,LTD

Qingdao Baichen Husbandry Co.,Ltd. is a professional equipment supplier on poultry and livestock. We have 10 years of experience in designing and R&D.

Baichen Husbandry can provide customers with integrated poultry farming solutions , including products research and development , project design , production ,installation and service.

Baichen Husbandry supplies broiler, breeder feeding system, drinking system, climate control system, egg collection system, steel structure poultry house, organic fertilizer processing line and hog feeding & drinking equipments .


Engineering Case

Such as Philippine, Vietnam, Pakistan, Algeria and so on.

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Qingdao Baichen Husbandry Co.,Ltd.

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