Automatic breeder farm equipment

Breeder flat chain feeder

1. High feed conveying ability   , 36m/minute, 2.0 ton per hour ;Even and quick feed delivery .

2. Stable working , low fault rate , low maintenance cost , long service life .

3. Different motor capacity due to different house length.       

4. High rigid 90° cast- iron corner , good corrosion and wearing resistance .

5. 275g/m2 hot galvanized steel hopper with feed return wheel ,preventing feed
overflowing ; Hopper size can be customized .

6. South Africa  chain  , quality reliable , lifetime  warranty .  

7.Feed line height is easy to be adjusted  according to birds age .

Stocking density (birds/m2)   :  4.5 -5.0birds    

No. of birds/m of feed trough :    10-13 birds/m    

Feeding type  :  Controlled     



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