1. The construction period is much shorter than the traditional house .

2. Building materials are recyclable and environment friendly 

3. Steel structure house can greatly reduce cost of foundation work .  

4. High rigid steel structure , high quality insulation material  , good structure design make the house good tightness, easily realize tunnel ventilation .

5. Construction system is modular and no welding is required.


1. Poultry house width is form 12m to 20 meter .  

2. 100mm thickness wall of full R12 insulation , and 150mm thickness roof of full R18 insulation .

3. Modular panel and steel structure , installation is easy and quick .

4. High rigid material for steel structure , roof , purlin and wall frame .

Material :  

Steel structure

Steel structure is made of high strength galvanized steel Q345(S355) 

Stand columns and trusses consists of double-C frame , single C-frame, H frame and Square tube hollow frame.  

Wall and Roof

Corrugated  pre-coating sheet plus good quality fiberglass insulation or high thermal resistance PU panel from 50mm to 75mm thick.

Wall insulation:R12(2.11 K·m²/W)

Roof insulation:R18(3.17 K·m²/W)



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