Feed pan

1.Diameter :  330 mm

2.Material : raw PP with anti-UV anti-ageing material

3.Grill : without

4.Number of birds/pan :  40-65 birds/pan 

1. Innovative open type pan design , one day birds easy to access to the feed . 

2. Patented 6 feed level regulator can adjust the feed quantity conveniently and quickly.

3.Retaininglip minimizes feed waste , achieving a higher feed conversion ,creating greater income.

4.Providing comfortable and uniform feeding environment for birds ,accommodating 65 birds per pan (slaughter weight 2.5kg).

5. Allows partial line usage by shut-off slide .

6.100% Raw PP with anti-UV and anti-ageing material .

7.Simple head design is convenient to quick install and remove .


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